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A tragus piercing is a unique ear piercing that is increasing in popularity. Is it a good piercing for you?

The tragus is the small nub of cartilage that is located directly in front of your ear canal. If you put your finger next to the outer corner of your eye and trace it back towards your ear, you will run into the tragus. A tragus piercing puts a barbell or a ring through this proturbence, and the result is a lovely and discreet piercing that is becoming more common.

According to the BBC, the tragus piercing has only been around since 2005. It is still not as common as a lobe piercing or an industrial piercing, but that is changing over time.

Though the tragus piercing goes through a fairly thick part of the body, it is not typically considered one of the more painful piercings, as this area tends to have fewer nerves than others. However, it is worth noting that a distinct crunch sound can often be heard when the piercing is performed.

Because there is a fair amount of blood in the area, a tragus piercing heals fast. As always, listen to your piercer regarding care, and always make sure that you handle the spot with clean hands as it heals. In general, all you need to clean and heal this piercing is warm water, antibacterial soap and thorough rinsing!

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