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Ear piercings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, and it remains a popular and fashionable body modification even today.

When most people think of ear piercings, they think of the standard lobe piercing, and that makes a certain amount of sense. Thanks to the fact that earlobes are relatively uniform and relatively nerveless, they have always been a popular spot for a piercing. They heal quickly, and a wide variety of jewelry can be used in them, ranging from hooks to studs to plugs to spools.

The regrettable thing about lobe piercings is that they are often done using unsanitary tools like piercing guns. Although they are fairly easy to heal, always make sure that you get your ear piercing done by a trained piercer using a hollow needle!

Though the lobe is by far the most popular ear piercing, there are many others that are quite attractive as well. The tragus, the anti-tragus and the industrial are just some of the other options, but it is important to remember that unlike the lobe piercing, which is going through flesh, these ear piercings are going through cartilage, which is much tougher. They take longer to heal, and they are a bit more painful to get.

When you are thinking about an ear piercing, consider some of the options that are available to you, and choose a few piercings that feel right!

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