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Septum piercings are attractive and popular, but do you know what you need to know about this piercing and how to heal it?

A septum piercing is one of the most distinctive facial piercing around, going through the cartilage located between the nostrils. This piercing is considered one of the more painful facial piercings that you can get, but it heals relatively quickly.

Make sure that you choose a piercer who has done septum piercings before. There is a fair amount of cartilage in the area, but a good piercer can find the sweet spot where the cartilage is the thinnest, resulting in a cleaner and less painful piercing.

When you are considering a septum piercing, you can choose between a ring or a curved barbells. If you need to work in a professional environment, choose the curved barbell, as it can be flipped up into your nose and no one will be the wiser.

Septum piercings tend to heal fairly quickly because they are going through a part of your body that receives a high amount of blood flow. The downside is that when you get a septum piercing done, it can result in a little more blood flow than an earlobe piercing!

Remember to rinse your septum piercing on a regular basis, but be sparing with the soap. The last thing you want is to dry out your nose and crack the healing skin.

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