We've compiled a set of frequently asked questions that will help you get the all information you need

Appointments for consultations may be set by:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Facebook / Instagram message
  • The contact form on this site
  • Coming to the studio in person

Each artist has a unique style suited for different kinds of designs. The best way to find the artist that’s right for you is to look at the pictures we post on Facebook and Instagram (all of which are monogrammed with the artist’s name) and see which style best suits your needs.

Once you find an artist you like, we recommend that you look at the additional pictures you can find on their personal pages on this site or on Instagram to get an even better sense of what their style is like.

If you’re still unsure about who to choose, our staff is always happy to help!

It is highly recommended to refrain from using either alcohol or drugs for 24 hours before your appointment. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and have a good, fulfilling meal before you arrive at the studio.

For long tattoo sessions we advise you to bring food and/or non-alcoholic drinks to give your body the energy it will need for the session.

Our clients must be 18 years of age or older in order to get a tattoo at our studio. The staff may request a legal form of identification (e.g. a driver’s license or state ID card) at their discretion.

Getting a tattoo or piercing while pregnant or nursing is inadvisable because both carry the risk of infection which, in the case of a pregnant or nursing woman, may be inadvertently transferred to her baby.

If you are planning on getting pregnant in the near future, take this into account when considering which tattoo and/or piercing you want to get because some tattoos may take several sessions spread three weeks apart to complete and some piercings take several months to properly heal.

You must inform your tattoo artist of any allergies or sensitivities before the tattooing process begins.

If you have a pre-existing health condition, consult a doctor before setting an appointment at the studio.

The pain of a tattoo will vary from person to person and depends greatly upon which area of the body is being tattooed. Naturally, larger tattoos are more painful because your sensitivity to pain will rise the longer the session gets due to inflammation and fatigue.

If you are afraid of the pain, we recommend making your first tattoo small and putting it on a part of the body known to be less painful than others.

Generally speaking our artists are by appointment only. If you wish to come at short notice you may call the studio and ask if there has been a cancellation.

Piercings can be done as walk-ins and do not require appointments.

We accept cash and most major credit cards.

For tattoos, the expected healing time is 2-3 weeks, although in some cases it may take a few months for the skin to get back to normal.


Cartilage: 5-12 weeks Lip: 3-5 weeks

Bellybutton: 3-6 weeks Septum: 2-4 weeks

Nipple: 3-6 weeks Eyebrow: 2-5 weeks

** Healing times may be longer than those listed above depending on your body, the time of year, and other factors.

The jewelry will be picked based on the area being pierced and your individual body type in order to ensure healing takes place as quickly as possible.

Sterilization and cleaning

Sterilization is the process of killing microorganisms on an object.
All of our tools and jewelry undergo sterilization using a specialized instrument.
Opening/closing a workstation
Before each tattoo/piercing, the employee prepares the workstation according to protocol, beginning with cleaning the station using a special cleaning solution.
All of the necessary equipment is covered in plastic, metal tools are opened from a fresh bag after they underwent sterilization, and disposable tools are single-use.
Every piercing and tattoo uses new, single-use needles, which are opened in front of the customer.
At the end of a piercing/tattoo, needles are disposed of in a specific waste container, metal tools are transferred to disinfectant solution before sterilization, and the rest of the equipment is discarded. 
Here at Kakooizm, we have very high standards for cleanliness and sterility, and use specialized equipment in order to make sure that our workplace is safe and clean. 
If you have any questions, please ask and we will be happy to answer. 
Keep in Touch!

Yedidya frenkel 37, florentin,
tel aviv - yafo,
israel – 66071

(+972) 36240480


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