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Whether you have pierced your lip, your ear, your nipple or your belly button, you must take good care of it if you expect it to heal well!

After you have gotten a piercing, the piercer will clean it thoroughly at the studio, but after that, you must clean it yourself. Cleaning a piercing takes a little bit of time and effort, but it is easy enough to do.

Leave the piercing undisturbed for the first 24 hours or so, but after that, simply step into the shower. Wash your hands very thoroughly. Using a small amount of unscented antibacterial soap, lather the new piercing very gently. If the piercing is a ring, spin the ring a little, and if the piercing is a barbell, twist it very gently. This works any scabbing free. Rinse the piercing thoroughly and allow it to air dry or pat it dry with a paper towel.

Do not touch the piercing unless you have clean hands, and make sure that it is not tugged or pressed as it heals. For example, if it is a belly button piercing, wear low-rise pants, and if it is an earring, sleep on the side that is not pierced if possible.

If you notice redness, pain or seepage, contact a doctor. If you notice the hole stretching or if the jewelry seems to have migrated, contact your piercer.

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