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Omri Goldzak

“There were several years during which I dealt in education as a result of my desire to create meaningful encounters between people. I’ve been drawing and designing my whole life and at a certain point I decided to become a tattoo artist and create the same kind of meaningful contact through shared creation and artistic expression. One of the things that is most important to me is to create a pleasant space for women and members of the LBTQ+ community to get tattooed - it’s not something that’s talked about often but tattooing does involve a certain amount of intimacy and physical contact, so I aim to create a safe, inclusive space with my clients in which the experience can be as pleasant and positive as possible.”
Omri is the studio’s resident trainee tattoo artist. His main area of focus in tattooing is typography and calligraphy in Hebrew and Arabic, showing a great degree of elegance and creativity in the construction of his designs.

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